The last time BitcoiWhy Bitcoin failsn transaction fees surged sharply was in May this year, when the price of Bitcoin rose from $7,900 to approximately $10,000 in more than a month. The Bitcoin network was most congested on May 20, and the average cost of broadcasting a Bitcoin transaction exceeded $6.

Comparing the Google Trends search data, we can find that compared to the sharp rise and fall in January 2018, the rise in the April-June period of this year is very different in the search data: last year, Bitcoin climbed to $20,000 for the first time. , Which caused the first time that the whole society paid attention to Bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency. It scored 100 points in the data graph, and the highest value of this year's data was only 20, that is, compared with the peak in 2018 20%, the bull market has not returned.

On August 2, 2016, a developer under the pseudonym TomElvisJedusor (Voldemort of Harry Botry) published a text file on the Bitcoin Development Forum outlining the early version of the MimbleWimble protocol. Its purpose is to implement this blockchain design into Bitcoin through a soft fork, so as to solve the problem of Bitcoin expansion and add privacy transaction functions to Bitcoin. However, this proposal has not been Used by Bitcoin.

If you put it in the futures, how much you have tortured the confidence of the bulls before, you can make up for how high the rise will be later. This is particularly obvious when placed two months ago. Two months ago, it went from 12,000 times to less than 10,000. The process actually wiped out most of the confidence of the bulls. Will it come down again after this time? I think there is a probability, I even think it will be soon, it may be the end of this month, after Christmas.

However, unlike institutional players who have started to deploy in the first quarter of 2020, retail investors are more cautious in optimism, and tend to stay on the sidelines before and after the block reward halving. With the continued efforts of institutional investors to support Bitcoin, no retail investors entered the market to make up for the gap in large-amount withdrawals. As a result, exchanges continued to lose a large amount of Bitcoin.

How did JiGuo sweep the digital currency of several blockchain projects overnight and then run away? JiGuo's method is to help these projects overseas promotion or marketing through their own consulting company PressICO in Puerto Rico. They all ask customers to deposit cryptocurrency in his BTC or ETH wallet opened on BitGo, and pay commissions for services in advance. Also cast Why Bitcoin failsa big net for its volume escape.

For distributed storage and computing, the biggest opportunity is not to become a "distributed Dropbox." Most people are already using Dropbox for free! The real opportunity for these protocols is to empower Internet applications. Over time, most (perhaps all?) applications—to-do lists, notebook apps, chat apps, financial apps, etc.—do not have to run in private data centers; instead, apps will be on everyone’s computer Run on a global grid network.

Looking at technology from the evolutionary perspective, we can see how these macroscopic rules are unfolded before our eyes: the inevitable form of technology unites the power shared by all dozens of external entropy systems (including life). The more external entropy characteristics observed in a certain form of technology, the higher the necessity of such technology.