The GandCraReal-time Bitcoin newsb team is not only highly skilled, but also "smart thieves": it “detoxifies” by keeping promises to pay the ransom, and “humanely” excluded war-torn areas such as Syria from the infected area, so it was once called “the thieves” virus. However, it regards South Korea as its important target. The team behind GandCrab also earned US$2.85 million through the sale of the virus.

Bitcoin was originally created to protect itself from systemic risks caused by geopolitical shocks. Although most indicators point out that during the halving period, the price of Bitcoin will at least have a short-term decline, but the entire world has fallen into a crisis that has not been seen in a century, and people tend to look for safe-haven assets during the crisis.

However, from the perspective of market value, the scale of the DeFi world is still relatively small. Its value defined by the total locked-up value (TVL) as an indicator accounts for about 3% of the overall market value of the crypto field, while the market value of Ethereum only accounts for 7- 10%. In contrast, the market value of Bitcoin in 2020 will always hover around 60% of the entire crypto market. Therefore, the DeFi world has yet to introduce non-Ethereum native assets into the DeFi ecosystem to obtain greater value.

Daniel: Agree with what Gaochao said, all BTC holders have DeFi needs. It can be understood from several levels: First, Bitcoin is the largest encrypted asset, and Ethereum is the largest encrypted financial market. The combination of the two can form a closed loop. If you still have an impression of the process of Internetization, the singularity is when the entire closed loop is running on the Internet, and it was brewing before. Secondly, the needs of BTC holders in the CeFi world have been shown, mainly including interest-generating, financial management, and lending. The current DeFi, optimized, can provide a more efficient and safer solution than CeFi (centralized finance) in both interest-generating and lending directions.

When an ETF is added with digital currency, it will undoubtedly become a more complex financial product. Although Bitcoin ETF is under the supervision of the SEC, there is no doubt that it is only the first step to clarify the jurisdictional boundary. It means that the Bitcoin ETF has not been approved. Therefore, the reason why effective supervision is difficult to achieve may not only lie in the chaos of the market environment itself, and multi-institutional cooperation does not confuse the regulatory boundaries. For the extremely complex digital currency market, before a new institution dedicated to the digital currency market is determined , The existing single-institution supervision may become a limitation for future development.

Radloff's comment comes from the Bitcoin stock circulation ratio proposed by cryptocurrency Twitter analyReal-time Bitcoin newsst PlanB. This model essentially explains the inevitable price increase of Bitcoin due to its reduced mining rewards and limited maximum supply.

In a recently published article, CSW explained its reasons for opposing Op_code, believing that the number of potential Op_codes available for BCH is limited. This is ridiculous, this person must be a fake Satoshi Nakamoto. BCH now has about 60 idle Op_codes, which is enough. If we want to use all these OP_codes, we can select one, add a 2-byte suffix, and then create a 2^16Op_code. We can use these Op_codes to create a powerful, safer, more development-friendly and patent-free financial system.

At the Collision Technology Conference in New Orleans on Tuesday, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin said that when he and other founders of Ethereum created Ethereum, they worried that Ethereum would be regarded as A security that prevents unregistered US investors from buying Ethereum. Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency, with a market value of approximately $65 billion, second only to Bitcoin, the long-term cryptocurrency dominance.

Bitcoin mining destroys environmental issues. Ria Bhutori said that a large part of the power consumption of Bitcoin mining comes from renewable energy. Therefore, the so-called high energy consumption is not true. Bitcoin mining energy use is not only very efficient, but also energy use The rate is also very good.