In addition, developer LaneRettig shared his research on the difficulty bomb of Ethereum. The difficulty bomb is an algorithm set in the Ethereum code that can gradually increase the difficulty of mining blocks and is used Bitcoin mining hardwareto incentivize regular network updates.

Forsyth said: In my opinion, it is already obvious that math-based currencies (such as Bitcoin) will eventually replace sovereign currencies. I started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin very early and have always held them. The sharp appreciation of these assets allowed me to invest in other cryptocurrency technologies, which eventually led to the development of Onfo, a platform that helps people make money through online mining.

Bancor's head of media, Nate Hindman, stated that although the team has blocked the transfer of approximately 2.5 million BNT tokens (worth approximately US$10 million), approximately 25,000 ETH (worth approximately US$12.5 million) and nearly 300 million NPXS tokens (Worth about US$1 million) Irrecoverable.

In addition, Satoshi Aubon’s lawyers kept asking Hodlonaut for his real name, e-mail address and home address, and claimed that if Hodlonaut did not provide the information, “Song Aubon will try to find out through other means and will apply to the court when necessary. Forcing the party or a third party to provide this information.” Even more shocking, the lawyer also prepared a template of an apology letter for Hodlonaut.

With the design of DCEP, there is less demand for the network, and DCEP can even complete offline payments. This is more conducive to the global promotion of DCEP. It has to be said that the consideration of DCEP is better than Libra in this step. Libra comes with a smart contract design, which presumably requires a lot of network.

The report released by Diar shows that among 1,600 cryptocurrencies, more than half of the trading volume is composed of 5 virtual currency trading paiBitcoin mining hardwarers-namely Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), BCH and Wright Currency (LTC). The report quoted data from Coinmarketcap on June 18.

Enki: It's not an institutional bull, it's a gray bull. Of course, there is also MicroStrategy. I recommend you to take a look at the interview with Michael Saylor. It is full of dry goods and clear thinking. I think it must be a good thing. Everyone always compares Moutai with Bitcoin, but at this time there is no such idea. If traditional financial institutions substantially increase their holdings of Moutai, what will it be like? Because grayscale will attract other institutions to come in, forming a "grayscale effect." Wall Street giants buy a stock. Please imagine what the market is.

The unique RicardianContracts in the EOS project is exploring unknown areas, including free-form contract terms and code terms. BM admits that EOS is beginning to recognize the occurrence of errors, and they know that the contract process needs more formalization.

Bitcoin's timestamp security, and some simple rules that limit the acceptable timestamp window, have withstood the test of 10 years in an adversarial environment, despite their known flaws. We know that 51% of miners can cause serious damage to the network, at least in a short period of time, but this has never happened-probably because incentives are not suitable for miners to do so. A rational miner will not choose short-term gains to kill the long-term golden goose.