The CBitcoin exchange rateoinMetrics chart shows that the Pearson correlation coefficient between Bitcoin and S&P 500 reached the highest value in history of about 0.5 in mid-March. A correlation coefficient of 1 represents a complete positive correlation, a coefficient of 0 represents no correlation, and a coefficient of -1 represents a complete negative correlation.

Tomahawk and Laurance also violated the Federal Anti-fraud Clause regarding the issuance of securities laws. Specifically, they misleadingly exaggerated Tomahawk's prospects, exaggerated oil reserves and production, fabricated Tomahawk's lease, and misleadingly claimed that Laurance had a "perfect background."

Feng Pei: There is a problem with the term virtual currency. I suggest that it is better to use tokens, because when it comes to currency, any country is afraid, because only countries have the right to issue currencies. This is true for thousands of years, so we use tokens. This vocabulary may have some currency functions in it.

Coinbase has announced that it plans to launch more than 30 cryptocurrencies, and more currencies may be added in the future. This may be Coinbase's biggest listing to date, and it will add dozens of cryptocurrencies in the next few months, including EOS, XRP, XLM, etc. The exchange eventually plans to add more than 90% of compliant digital assets.

At the end of 2016, the first "Lightning Summit" was held. The developers of the Lightning Network discussed how to make all different Lightning Network implementations interoperable. For this reason, a Lightning Network Protocol Specification called BOLT was born. It is also the real development basis of the Lightning Network today.

The consensus algorithm of Bitcoin and Ethereum is not a typical BFT algorithm. So they do not meet the definition of blockchain in the Cosmos network. (It is worth noting that although they are not Byzantine fault-tolerant, they can still allow Bitcoin exchange rateblockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to join the Cosmos network with only a few extra steps. If you find it difficult to understand, don’t worry-we will later Do more in-depth research on this.)

Lopp: Segregated Witness is actually a technology implemented on Bitcoin, which helps make Lightning Network possible. Segregated Witness has also helped to increase the capacity of the Bitcoin chain a little bit, but only approximately doubled, and this is still not enough to expand the Bitcoin network, allowing the Bitcoin network to process transactions per second The amount has risen from 7 to about 15 only. Of course there are many variables that can change this situation. Even discussing the transaction throughput of the blockchain network is a complicated matter, because in the Bitcoin network, a certain transaction is not necessarily one-to-one. It is possible that this transaction is sent by an entity to 1,000 others. Entity (business or individual). You know, it just depends on the data you are viewing. And when we discuss the scalability brought by off-chain protocols like the Lightning Network, the privacy protection features of these off-chain protocols will actually prevent us from knowing how many transactions are taking place on the network.

In response, Russian media RT cited a new report from the US Democratic National Defense Foundation in October that the United States’ geostrategic opponents are deploying encrypted digital currencies to help avoid sanctions and counter the financial power of U.S. banks. The report stated that Russia , Iran and Venezuela and other countries are experimenting with technologies that support the crypto market as a key component of the priority counter-attack against U.S. financial power.