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Earlier this week, the large Internet security company Qihoo 360 notified Block.ome and stated that the protocol has a series of epic vulnerabilities, which makes its nodes vulnerable to attackers. The developer fixed this vulnerability on the same day. D

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Apart from LeRouxs criminal status, he is also a very good programmer. As early as 1999, LeRoux presided over the design of the free disk encryption software E4M for Windows. In addition, he may also participate in the development of the open source TrueC

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Bulletproofs is an upgraded version of Rangproof. It is essentially a new type of non-interactive zero-knowledge proof protocol that does not require trusted settings and only requires a small proof text (proof). In 2018, Monero upgraded the Rangeproof in

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The BLS signature algorithm can solve the above problems. It does not require a random number generator, can aggregate all the signatures in the block into one, easily implement mn multi-signature, and can also avoid redundant communication between signer

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Daurgothoths ambition and story have won the approval of many netizens. Sovereignlife said that in his opinion, Daurgothoth is very young and idealistic, but the 65-year-old sovereignlife agrees with his views; while netizen ferretinjapan comforts Daurgot

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