How to trade Bitcoin

How to trade Bitcoin

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GMOInternets cryptocurrency exchange has added four new cryptocurrencies to its loan program, allowing customers to lend their coins to the company. The plan was officially launched last month, with the addition of BitcoinCash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litec

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In December, Neeraj K. Agrawal of CoinCenter, a cryptocurrency research organization, asked Musk on Twitter if he had created Bitcoin, but Musk replied that he had never heard of it and posted a link to an article by the way. This article is titled "

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The CoinMetrics chart shows that the Pearson correlation coefficient between Bitcoin and S&P 500 reached the highest value in history of about 0.5 in mid-March. A correlation coefficient of 1 represents a complete positive correlation, a coefficient o

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So far, the new Monero blockchain and the blockchain before the hard fork have corresponding mining activities. Most of the hash power is still on the blockchain before the Monero hard fork, and they get significantly less power after the hard fork. This

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The traditional financial market was also quite turbulent overnight. After the Fed’s interest rate decision was announced, Fed Chairman Powell reiterated in a press conference that he would not raise interest rates early before U.S. inflation returns to n

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