This Saturday, go on social media that uses hashtags – Instathai lotto results livegram, Twitter, and Facebook. Share your favourite environmental images with the hashtag #HeritageTreasures. Don’t forget to follow, like, and share others using the hashtag too. That’s it!

Urban Outreach Bolton has already won acclaim for some of its previous schemes. Most notable is the “Packed Lunch” scheme, a programme to ensure that children in low income families get at least one meal a day, provided by the charity, during the Christmas holidays and summer breaks from school. This is the sort of programmes that this portion of the Big Lottery Fund is designed to alleviate. As families continue to struggle during the past economic problems, many still use food banks and require other external help. It’s players of the National Lottery who are helping people in these situations.

A 37-year-old man in India found his wife on a honeymoon with his beloved wife after his wedding. He has to say that there are too many ridiculous anecdotes in India. I can hear about it almost every day. This is not here again. A 37-year-old man in India passed I met a 29-year-old woman who claimed to be married on a blind date. The man decided at a glance that he wanted to marry this woman. After a week of dating, he decided to start the wedding. The wedding was finished quickly, and then they decided to go on their honeymoon. Who knew that on the night of the honeymoon, the man realized that his bride was actually a man. You know, the man regretted that he did not have a thorough understanding of the other party and did it hastily. After the wedding, the incident became a local joke after it spread out.

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NativThe UK has a proud history of wildlife conservation. Since the National Lottery began in the 1990s, many wildlife and ecology projects have benefited from investment. Now, a red squirrel project in Scotland is celebrating receiving nearly £2.5m of investment. Between 2017 and 2022, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels will receive investment to recruit volunteers and further their programme. Charged with conserving this vital native species, they will promote and work within habitats within Scotland to combat the dropping numbers of the humble red squirrel. The majority of this species reside in Scotland, making the country vital in efforts to protect them.

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