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The top prize was worth £1m (Gold). The other two prizes representing Silver and Bronze were worth £100,000 and £50,000 respectively. Team GB Olympic success meant that the Dicken family from Benfleet celebrated and became millionaires . It was a fateful Monday morning and the pair had risen early. Bill checked the ticket and excitedly informed Jean of their win. At first, they mistakenly believed they had won just £20,000. They took the ticket into Benfleet to check and learnt that they had actually won the £1m prize, not £20,000.

An Indian girl who refused to marry at the age of 15 was pouring sulphuric acid and bravely endorsed women's clothing to live with confidence. When Lakmi from India was 15 years old, she was thrown with sulfuric acid because she refused to marry a 32-year-old man. Her entire face and body were severely injured; but now at the age of 26, she has not only become an anti-sulfuric acid attacker. Activists have also become the spokesperson of the apparel brand Viva N Diva, which also launched a "face of courage" campaign on its official website. According to the "BBC" report, every year 1,000 singles in India are attacked by sulfuric acid, but there is no specific legal requirement to prosecute the attackers. They feel cold for the first time, then feel violent burning, and then the liquid gradually melts. My skin. Lakmi recalled the scene when he was attacked and said that since then, he has become an advocate of anti-sulfuric acid attacks and has also pushed hard for severe punishments for sulfuric acid attackers. The Supreme Court of India took action in 2013 and not only accepted Lakmi’s petition stipulates that the central and first-level governments must formulate relevant policies to regulate the trade of over-the-counter sulfuric acid. Viva N Diva said that the reason for choosing Lakmi as the new spokesperson is to change people’s perceptions of fashion and beauty, and to promote a healthy aesthetic that goes beyond physical features. In the photo documentary, Ramick also mentioned No matter what you will face, as long as you try to make every moment worth living, this is to enjoy life without fear; and when you do this, you become an example of true beauty and courage. People need to change their attitudes and behaviors towards the victims of acid attacks, and give them due respect and equal status. Ramick revealed that we are not only the victims of the sulfuric acid attack, but also the victims of the backwardness of the society as a whole. Many people think that we have become useless and can only lead a wasteful life; and through this endorsement , I hope to encourage the victims to regain their confidence and courage, and tell the perpetrators that women will not lose their courage in life because of their beautiful appearance.

Find complex levels in the elusive dilemma, and help them find the rich honeysuckle, so that they can view the software with the four bank managers and use their cross-checking methods with people. Please read this software carefully before you want to know any details. "LANMY" asks you to enter detailed information about DY.

The UK Health Lottery is actually a syndicate of many local lotteries under one umbrella. It’s a superb alternative to the National Lottery, offering a higher chance to win smaller prizes. But now, the various organisations that make up the Health Lottery have released its most attractive prize yet: a £100k scratchcard. They’re saying it’s the scratchcard with the best chance to win any prize, anywhere in the UK. It costs £5 to play a ticket, with a guaranteed £1 from every sale set aside for local causes in your area.

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Leading students can continue to achieve higher grades. Watch out for another lottery scam. This is actually a fraudulent lottery. In fact, she said she was a multi-state lottery company and achieved her record of winning in Hada.